Engine data

Engine -
Lycoming 180HP
Max continuous RPM2700270027002700
Max cylinder head260° C260° C260° C260° C
Oil Capacity8 quarts8 quarts8 quarts8 quarts
Min oil quantity6 quarts6 quarts6 quarts6 quarts
Oil pressure (idling)25 psi25 psi25 psi25 psi
Oil pressure (normal)64-90 psi64-90 psi64-90 psi64-89 psi
Max oil temp118° C118° C118° C118° C
Optimum oil temp82° - 87° C82° - 87° C82° - 87° C82° - 87° C
Fuel pressure0.5-8.0 psi0.5-8.0 psi0.5-8.0 psi0.5-6.0 psi
Fuel tank capacity (Lts)110 litres110 litres
Aux 50 lts
110 litres110 litres
Aux 50 lts
Unusable fuel (Lts)10 litres10 litres10 litres10 litres

Propeller data

Type4 Blade Fixed Pitch4 Blade Fixed Pitch4 Blade Fixed Pitch2 Blade Fixed Pitch
Diameter170cm (67")170cm (67")170cm (67")180cm (71")
NotesITP (Innovative Technology)ITP (Innovative Technology)

Aircraft data

Max take-off weight1000kgs1000kgs1000kgs1000kgs
Max landing weight1000kgs1000kgs1000kgs950kgs
Empty weight589kgs619kgs591kgs563kgs
Main fuel load (24.4 gals)79kgs79kgs79kgs79kgs
Aux fuel load (11gals)36kgs36kgs
Design load factors*+4.4 g to -2.2g clean config+4.4 g to -2.2g clean config+4.4 g to -2.2g clean config+3.8 g to -1.9g clean config
Wing span8.72 m8.72 m8.72 m8.72 m
Length6.96 m6.96 m6.96 m6.96 m
Height2.23 m2.23 m2.23 m2.23 m
Tyre pressures
Front25 psi25 psi25 psi29 psi
Mains28 psi28 psi28 psi32 psi
Limiting airspeeds
Vne157 knots157 knots157 knots164 knots
Vno140 knots140 knots140 knots146 knots
Va116 knots116 knots116 knots108 knots
Vfe92 knots92 knots92 knots92 knots
Max cross-wind22 knots22 knots22 knots22 knots
Stall speed max AUW
53 knots53 knots53 knots53 knots
Silencer typeGomolzigChabordChabordGomolzig

*These limitations refer to use of the DR400 under the “Utility” category, in simple terms no rear seat loading and a mass below 910kg, ie; when towing. Above 910kg and with rear seat(s) occupied, the aircraft is operating under the “Normal” category which limits the aircraft load factor to +3.8g and -1.9g.  Typical towing mass is 700-750kg. If you plan to fly the aircraft with rear seat passengers and/or auxiliary fuel, please consult the Aircraft Flight Manual for specific limitations. Note: Load factor reduces to +2g and 0g when flaps extended in both categories. The DR300 is approved only for use in the “Normal” category hence the lower load factor range.

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