CAS2New Trig TY96 radio fitted. There is interference from the strobe, you may disable strobe by pulling circuit breaker until a fix is available.
RPM gauge is slightly over-reading - use 2200 in the descent. It will also show 2650 during the climb, in both cases over-reading by c 100rpm.
CBS1Trim - Use 5.5 units for take-off and landing, and 2 units for the descent. Almost normal.
RPM gauge is slightly under-reading - use 2050 in the descent.
Minor: Fuel pressure shows full scale deflection, Fuel pressure light on panel will indicate low pressure.
CCU/SUse tacho if hobbs is not working.
Note some recent speed changes to account for ASI errors which are annotated in the aircraft.
Some adjustments have been made to the rudder and steering mechanism. You should find the aircraft now turns left without brake assistance. During climb, only a small amount of right rudder is required, in descent some left rudder is needed.
YMS34 blade ITP propeller fitted, climb/descent parameters placarded, very similar to CA and CC.
VSI under-reads by 200'
Use 6.5 units for take-off and landing, 4.5 units in descent.
Beware of brakes, they may snatch and can cause rudder to lock over.
UAU/SOn long term maintenance.

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