Initial ClimbNormal ClimbDescent SpeedPower SettingTime to Achieve
CA65 knots70 knots100 knots2100 RPM30 seconds
CB60 knots65 knots100 knots2050 RPM30 seconds
CC60 knots65 knots100 knots2200 RPM30 seconds
YM65 knots70 knots100 knots2100 RPM30 seconds
MM60 knots65 knots100 knots2100 RPM30 seconds

Please note that the speeds we aim to deliver are initially 60 kts and then 65 kts in the climb, the speeds in the table are indicated speeds in the tug and allow for ASI and position errors. They will vary from tug to tug and we will revise them in the light of instrument change and/or live checks.

A reminder of the current parameters should be available on each tug panel.

CB parameter set

Initial Climb Speeds  – these should be used in light winds with little turbulence. Transition to normal climb speed at flap retract.

Turbulent Conditions – Climb in the normal range to normal +5.

Water Ballasted Gliders – Not less than 70 knots, 75 knots if turbulent.

Fox Aerobatic Glider – Not less than 70 knots.

Vintage Gliders – Use YM if available, fly 55 knots – monitor CHTs and be prepared to terminate the tow early. This will deliver approximately 50 kts to the glider.

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