CAU/SAnnual Check
New Trig TY96 radio fitted. There is interference from the strobe, you may disable strobe by pulling circuit breaker until a fix is available.
RPM gauge is slightly over-reading - use 2150 in the descent. It will also show 2600-2650 during the climb, in both cases over-reading by c 50-80rpm.
See onboard placard
CBU/SAnnual Check
Trim - Use 5.5 units for take-off and landing, and 2 units for the descent. Almost normal.
RPM gauge is slightly under-reading - use 2050 in the descent.
Minor: Fuel pressure shows full scale deflection, Fuel pressure light on panel will indicate low pressure.
CCS2Tacho over-reading by 50 to 100 rpm, use 2200 rpm in descent.
LED lighting fitted. Select Strobe, Land and Taxi before flight.
YMS34 blade propeller fitted, climb/descent parameters placarded, very similar to CA and CC.
Use 6.5 units for take-off and landing, 4.5 units in descent.
Beware of brakes, they may snatch and can cause rudder to lock over.
MMS1Please read notes in Tech Log.
UAU/SOn long term maintenance.

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