Whilst the outbreak of Coronavirus is with us, the normal Tug Pilot roster is suspended. There will be single seater towing and this will be covered by volunteers using eAllocator.


Racing Week Roster

Issue: 27.6.20

Winter weekdays: All day coverage, 0930 till dark.

Winter weekends: One pilot to provide tug cover from the start of the day. Duty ends at lunchtime or with swap.

Summer weekdays: First pilot 0900-1300, Second Pilot 1300-1800 (earlier start if needed or Grid day) from 1/4 to 6/10.

Summer weekends: 2 pilots to share duties. During BST.

Bank Holidays: 2 pilots to share duties as per weekends.

Notes:  * change, + shared, TT = Tug Training



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