Issue: 699 28.9.20

Please Note: Some mid-week days are rostered with one pilot. This may change to two pilots, the second nominally doing the afternoon or supplementing a busy day. Keep a check on this page for changes. Normal single pilot rostering will commence on October 12th.

Whilst COVID is still with us, each pilot should use a separate tug.


Winter weekdays: All day coverage, 0930 till dark.

Winter weekends: One pilot to provide tug cover from the start of the day. Duty ends at lunchtime or with swap.

Summer weekdays: First pilot 0900-1300, Second Pilot 1300-1800 (earlier start if needed or Grid day) from 1/4 to 9/10.

Summer weekends: 2 pilots to share duties. During BST.

Bank Holidays: 2 pilots to share duties as per weekends.

Notes:  * change, + shared, TT = Tug Training



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