Latest Updates



YM is now back sporting it’s two bladed propeller whilst we await the return of our 4 bladed props from overhaul. Climb parameters remain the same at 65knots for initial climb and 70knots... READ MORE

Remove Before Flight!


All the tugs will soon have these tags fitted in an attempt to stop spidersĀ and other assorted bug’gers. There is a clear envelope in the tech log binder where they can be put... READ MORE

MM is back

MM has returned to service. It still has quite a few differences, so please review the differences sheet which can be found in the tech log and here. READ MORE

Stats out for 2019

A quiet year in terms of launches achieved, just 4384. You can see further details on the Stats pages. Weather and lower activity levels mainly the cause. Highlights were the Regionals with 400+... READ MORE

Airspace: Open or Closed?

This is a revision on the previous advice. There have been a couple of incidences in the past where, for a variety of reasons, we have found ourselves operating without the airspace being... READ MORE

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