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G-LGCA Robin DR400 VP – 180 REMO

Here CA sports a 3 blade Hoffman constant speed propeller which it had from it’s arrival at Dunstable until late 2015 when it was changed to a fixed 4 bladed ITP propeller. Initially the constant speed propeller worked well but it’s performance started to decline in it’s later years, and along with the extra noise produced, it was decided that a 4 bladed fixed propeller would be fitted. In this picture CA also sports it’s spats, however due to the rough nature of the airfield, these are removed during normal towing operations to prevent them from being damaged.



D-EHRA Robin DR400 – 180 REMO

D-EHRA was purchased from Germany and flew in from Dunstable set out as seen in the photograph. After a colour change, having the spats removed and a 4-bladed fixed propeller fitted, RA was re-registered and is now operated as G-LGCB.




 G-BVYG Robin DR300 – 180 REMO

The aircraft, along with another DR300, G-BVYM, were purchased from a small flying club based in Condom, Southern France. They were flown to Dunstable on 28th Oct 1994. YG was originally registered as F-BSQB and fitted with a 120HP engine. The aircraft flew again in on 1st Apr 1996 after an extensive rebuild. The engine was replaced by a 180HP powerplant and the aircraft modified for aero-towing by Aidan Waters. The aircraft was used briefly to tow at LGC and also at the Essex Gliding Club before being sold to the Ulster Gliding Club in 1999.



G-BNXI – Robin DR400 – 180 REMO

XI was the main workhorse of the tug fleet for many years until 2007 when it was rebuilt by Aero-Paul, given a new paint scheme and re-registered as G-LGCC. The photo on the right is the arrival of CC at Dunstable.



G-AVOO PA-18 Super Cub – 180

This aircraft was owned by club member, Terry McMullin, and used for towing from 1974. It was transferred to LGC ownership in 1983. Along with UA, ‘Double Oscar’ formed part of the duo of Super Cubs that was operated at Dunstable for many years. This aircraft was sold to the Dublin Gliding Club in September 2003 anticipating the arrival of CA.




Admittedly, not a tug aircraft but still quite a sight! On June 20th 1991, Rory Ellis visited with the largest aircraft ever to set foot on our airfield. Click here for more pictures.





G-EKOE Robin DR400 VP – REMO 180

This aircraft was fitted with a Hoffman 3-bladed constant speed propeller. Previously D-EKOE and owned by the Akaflieg at Hockenheim, Germany. The aircraft was destroyed by fire in 1987 after towing at Dunstable for 1 year.

If you find any images please send them to us!



G-BHUF PA-18 Supercub – 150

Photo taken in 1982. This aircraft was owned by club member, Terry McMullin, and used for towing from 1980. It was transferred to LGC ownership in 1983. Aircraft crashed and was destroyed by fire in 1984.





G-BBMT DHC1 Chipmunk

This aircraft was kept at Dunstable and owned by club members for a decade. It was used occasionally for towing until 1992.





G-BCZH DHC1 Chipmunk

ZH was bought from the RAFGSA in 1977 and was operated by LGC until 1984 when it was sold to a private owner in the Norwich area.





G-AWJJ Socata MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180

Arrived ‘new’ at Dunstable 19th February 1972, flown by Geoff Naylor. It later collided with a car at Dunstable 16th March 1973.






G- AWSS Condor

This aircraft built in 1968 was owned by the Tiger Club of Redhill. It was used briefly by LGC in 1980, probably to assist with a competition.




G-AYVX Rallye Commodore 180

Photo taken 1973, pilot Tom Quinn






G-AYFE Condor

This aircraft was built in 1970, owned privately and flown occasionally at LGC. From 1976 it was owned by the Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club. Photo taken 1971





G-APZJ PA-18-150 Super Cub

Built 1959, towed at Dunstable in the early 1970’s.






G-AOCV Tiger Moth DH82A

G-AOCV was owned by the London Gliding Club from August 1970 to August 1973.




G-AOEL Tiger Moth DH82A

G-AOEL was owned by the London Gliding Club from October 1968 to August 1972.

Now on display at the national Museum of Flight, East Fortune, Scotland.




G-ANMZ Tiger Moth DH82A

De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth G-ANMZ at Pendeford Airport with Tiger Club badge. ‘The Canon’ crashed at Challock, 22 May 1969. Seen towing at Dunstable in the photo of G-ANFC.

Photo taken 1962.




G-ANFC Tiger Moth DH82A

Flown at Dunstable from April 1956 until destroyed by fire at Dunstable on 25th January 1971. Ex DE363, built 1942.

Photo taken 23rd June 1963.





G-ADBR Avro 504N

The first known aero-tows were done around 1935 by this Avro 504N, owned by Air Publicity of Heston.





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