LGC Airspace Briefing 2022

The following is a summary of the 2022 LGC Airspace Briefing. It provides the key slides for further self study and printout if required.


Default Airspace is available to visitors, early solo pilots and for competitors in our competitions. It provides an easily identifiable boundary line and plenty of space for base legs prior to landing at Dunstable.

Normal Airspace is available once you hold an LGC Airspace Rating


Normal Airspace Eastern Boundary line, note the Western Boundary is the same as for Default airspace

Luton using runway 07; Normal Airspace available and possibly the Spin Training Area, though this must be checked before use.


Luton using runway 25; Normal Airspace available plus CTA3 to 3500′ and possibly the CT8 to 4500′, though this must be checked before use.


Additional Airspace available with a “25 Clearance”, details follow later.


The Tennis Court


Southern Boundary Looking East


Southern Boundary Looking West


Next Briefings; Saturday 30th April at 9.00 am and Sunday 29th May again at 9.00 am in the Withall Briefing Room. All solo pilots should endeavour to hold a Tower Controller rating.