LGC Airspace Status Signs

The tower will now show the Airspace Status. A sign on the side of the tower will show either 07, 25 or not be fitted.

The presence of the 07 or 25 sign will show that our airspace has been opened and that the runway in use at Luton is 07 or 25, 25 in the example above. This means that Normal and Default airspace is available. If you think you might want to use CTA8 or the Spin Training Area (STA) you will need to check inside the tower or call on the radio to ascertain if they are available.

Inside the tower, once the airspace has been opened, it will be recorded on the daily log sheet and on the Airspace Status Board. This is currently on the briefing board by the entrance but it should have it’s own dedicated board soon. Please take care not to distract the log keeper/radio operator.

The board will remain in position until the airspace is closed, at which point, it will be taken down and stowed in the tower, the Airspace Status Board will also be cleared.


Communication with LTCC

The following is an aide-memoire for the Duty Instructor or their deputy in communicating with LTCC and recording the airspace status at Dunstable. It can be found in the tower and in the 25 Airspace Book.



LTCC Radio Phone