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YM now on line. New parameters here.
Tug Status updated – 4/12/17……………………

Latest Updates

New Roster Out

Edition 660 to Dec 31 (Weekends to Jan 14) is now available. Please note that the winter week-end roster is planned on the basis of “Duty ends at lunchtime or with swap” so... READ MORE

YM Good to Go

You will be pleased to learn YM is performing very well with her new propeller. Climb parameters 65/70, and descent parameters 100/2100, so very similar to the DR400s. The numbers are placarded and... READ MORE

CC Back in Service.

CC is now in back in service with a newly overhauled engine. The engine has been bedded in and is performing well but for the first 50 hours straight mineral oil must be used. This... READ MORE

Towing Risk Assessment

You will be pleased to know that the risk assessment that you carry out before each tow that you do, has been formalised under BGA NCO.SPEC SAILPLANE TOWING, for use when towing with EASA... READ MORE

Taxi Routes?

During the winter presentation on the new website, it became obvious that the diagrams illustrating the tug taxi routes were less than clear. Rather than try and improve the diagrams (we will eventually),... READ MORE

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