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Latest Updates

Engine Handling

We are expecting a new engine for CC imminently so I have been ask to send out a reminder on engine handling and best practice to avoid causing damage, in particular on the... READ MORE

Dunstable Regionals

The Dunstable Regionals will be held from Sat August 5th to Sun August 13th. At this time we are planning to have 5 tugs, all Robins, 4 of our own and LH from... READ MORE

It’s getting cold again

Now is probably a good time to re-read the advice about icing (Carb Icing under the Aircraft tab). Here’s the summary for Carb Icing: Precautions to take Operate carb heat immediately after a cold... READ MORE

Tug Take-Off Performance

  Some awkward conditions recently have highlighted the need for us all to be more aware of tug take-off performance. One example; SW run on a frosty frozen surface produced quite decent performance... READ MORE

New Idents on the Tugs

A glider pilot should be able to identify the tug he or she is being towed by and hopefully the letters placed on the right flap should allow this. This in turn should... READ MORE

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