Personal Locator Beacons

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Each tug is now equipped with a Fast Find 220 PLB. Let’s hope you never need it but is a very useful piece of kit should the unplanned event of having to use it arises. As part of the D.I. you should take note of where it is located in the tug – normally in the pocket behind the right hand seat or in the storage area under the panel in CB. It is also a good idea that you know how it works! The user guide can be found on the manuals page under the aircraft tab.

Please make yourself farmiliar with the PLB BUT DO NOT REMOVE THE RED CAP UNLESS IN AN EMERGENCY! The PLBs will be tested from time to time so please do not do this as part of the D.I. as this will reduce the battery life.

Please have a read through the manual, the below video may also be of interest – skip to 50 seconds to see how to activate the device.