It’s getting cold again

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carbiceNow is probably a good time to re-read the advice about icing (Carb Icing under the Aircraft tab). Here’s the summary for Carb Icing:

Precautions to take

  • Operate carb heat immediately after a cold engine start.
  • Operate carb heat prior to take-off.
  • Check that max rpm is attained during take-off.
  • Operate carb heat in descent, if the flight has gone up to or beyond cloudbase.
  • Operate carb heat during or after prolonged ground running.
  • Operate carb heat during the approach checks as normal.

Remember normal carb heat operation is to select for 10 to 20 seconds and then return to cold.

A few days recently have started with a frost and sub zero temperatures. In such cases, DI the tug(s) in the hangar and then pull out just before they are needed, start up and warm up as soon as you can and then tow straight away if possible. This should reduce the possibility of frost forming on the wings and engine parts. Remember this is classic example of take-off performance changing through the day as temperature rises and the frost is replaced by sticky, soft conditions.