CC Back in Service.

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CC is now in back in service with a newly overhauled engine. The engine has been bedded in and is performing well but for the first 50 hours straight mineral oil must be used. This can be found in 1 litre bottles adjacent to the main oil drum. Please check the oil level at the start of the day and record on the top of the tug log card. If the quantity is below 6.5 then add 1 litre of straight oil and record this on the tug log card too.

CC is now fitted with one of the new Trig TY96 radios. Although turning it on and using it for normal operations is pretty straight forward, the manual will show its full functions and can be found on the manuals page.

Also note that the carb heat mechanism has been replaced and the carb heat control is a little stiff. Ensure you get a drop during the engine power check.